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*No hate speech or the promotion of religious, "anti-religious," gender, racial, etc. hate will be allowed. For clarification purposes, it is not "hate speech" for a church to speak on God's word/the Bible or with regard to specific groups, as long as it is done in a manner representative of Christ. It is not "hate speech" for an advocacy group to disagree with the teachings of a church or other group, as long as what's said/done is not intended to, and does not have the effect of causing, harm/intentional offense. It's okay to use research/statistics that lean more heavily toward one group or another when it comes to abuse. The reality is that, though abuse is equally wrong across all groups, the methods often differ by person, race/ethnicity, gender, age and religion. It's also okay for your focus to be on the gross wrongs committed against specific ethnic groups, like Native Americans, the women in India, the "non-castes" in India, abuse being committed in the Middle-east, etc., as long as your focus is on righting wrongs and not on unduly persecuting or otherwise harming the people committing said wrongs.
Groups not allowed: politically-centered groups, grassroots groups, environmental groups, "ban all meat" groups, etc. I personally support aspects of many of the above, but the overall subjects are way too politically-charged to be included on this site.
Groups that are allowed: groups, whether regarding people or animals that focus on raising awareness of and ending abuse; groups that focus on making our schools safer/more effective; and groups that focus on mental health, the improvement of the mental health system and improving society's responses to mental health issues.
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